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"Hoyt's life makes great tape of tales."
Cincinnati Enquirer

"Waite's World video delivers great show..."
Cincinnati Enquirer

"It is a poignant story of one of baseball and
Cincinnati's most fascinating characters."

John Fay
TV columnist, Enquirer Sports

"If you are looking for an 85 minute chance to
hearken back to a simpler time with a story
told in masterful English with good wit and
humor check out Waite's World"

Mark Motz
Sports Editor, Community Press

"Waite Hoyt video offers fascinating look into his life"
Ritter Collett
Sports Editor Emeritus, Dayton Daily News

"I (am) ready to take a
deep plunge off the world.
I see Nothing ahead
I believe my life is over."

So said Waite Hoyt in 1945 during the stormiest, darkest period of his life. How could this privileged man of overwhelming accomplishment be suicidal? During the first half of the 20th century the talented Hoyt was:
  • A Professional pitcher at 15
  • Baseball Hall of Famer
  • Friend to Babe Ruth
  • Ace Pitcher for the legendary '27 Yankees
  • First player to move from field to press box
  • Long time voice of the Cincinnati Reds and Burger Beer
  • Alcoholic, "...and a damn good one," said Waite


"Waite taught us you were allowed to be a baseball lover and still use words you had to look up in the dictionary."

Nick Clooney
Colleague and Friend

Joe Hayden
Founder Midland Baseball Program
"He would get halfway through a story and chuckle, which meant he was leaving something out that did not belong on the air."
"To be put up there with Waite, I'm honored."
Joe Nuxhall
Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Journey through the 84 years of the 20th century that are Waite's World with his friends, coworkers, and family for a unprecedented inside look at an extraordinary talent.

...also interviews with Waite's widow Betty Hoyt, Ed Kennedy, Buddy LaRosa, Jim O' Toole, Jack Moran, Bob Braun, and many more.

New Release - Remastered DVD
85 Minutes
Written/Narrated/Directed by
Donn Burrows

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